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Wine and Tapas Hamper - Las Amantes

Wine and Tapas Hamper - Las Amantes

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Try the Las Amantes gift hamper the perfect treat for a wine and cheese night or for having tapas on the front verandah. Buy for a friend or to share with your special someone. 


- 1 x Castelo de Medina Savingnon Blanc

- 1 x Spanish Mussels 

- 1 x Spanish Pulpo 

- 1 x Spanish Artichokes or Asparagus

- 1 x Spanish Olives 

- 1 x Innes Rosales Savoury Biscuits

- 1 x Fig or Quince Paste (depending on availability) 

- 1 x Handmade 'Wicka Millano' Seagrass Basket


 **Please note due to availability the brands of some of the items may change but they will be substituted with like for like products, always manufactured and produced in Spain.

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