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Red Vermouth Lacuesta Rojo

Red Vermouth Lacuesta Rojo

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Spanish sweet red vermouth from the region of La Rioja known as Lacuesta. The vermouth known as Lacuesta Rojo has been lovingly crafted by Martnez Lacuesta since 1937, and it is widely acknowledged to be among the finest aperitifs available.

The white wine is aged in American oak barrels with the addition of sugar, citric acid, caramel, and alcohol, as well as an extract made from herbs and aromatic plants that were cold macerated in wine.

This is best served with a slice of orange over soda water and ice, or in your preferred Manhattan. It is made by macerating 30 different herbs and spices with Spanish wine. It will then spend another two to three years in American oak barrels for further aging after this period of contact with the base wine.

Infused with the flavors of dried Valenciano orange peel and fragrant cinnamon, this red vermouth is a delightful treat.

Details about this Vermouth:

Region: Spain - La Rioja

Made by: Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta

Grape type: Viura

Vermouth type: Spanish Red

Body: Strong

Sweetness: Sweet

Acidity: Medium

Alcohol: 15%

Size: 750ml

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