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Tyris IPA 6% 33Oml

Tyris IPA 6% 33Oml

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Tyris India Pale Ale will take you on an exciting adventure because it is a bottle of pure strength, flavor, and scent. The master brewers at Tyris Craft & Creative Beers in Valencia have created a beer with all the care and attention to detail that you'd expect from a product bearing their name.

It opens with a rush of citrus and herbal and resinous notes that harmonize to provide a deep and nuanced taste experience after the initial greeting of extremely aromatic hops. The hops come on strong and are followed by the malt, which is more subdued but still noticeable, in this medium-bodied brew's performance.

In the end, there's a pleasant herbaceous aftertaste that serves as both a reminder of where you've been and an invitation to indulge once more.

Details about this Spanish beer:

Brewery: Cerveza Tyris
Region: Valencia
Alcohol: 6%
Size: 330ml

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