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St James Distillery Vieux 15 Year Old

St James Distillery Vieux 15 Year Old

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"15 Ans" rum, crafted at the Saint James distillery in Martinique. This exceptional spirit is produced using sugar cane juice and distilled in a Column Still, followed by a 15-year aging process. It boasts an ABV of 43%. Users describe prominent woody and dried fruit notes on the nose, along with hints of vanilla, fruits, and spices. In terms of flavor, the rum's profile is dominated by distinctly woody, sugarcane, dried fruit, fruity, and nutty nuances.

According to our RumX community, this is a fine example of aged rhum agricole that is well-balanced, complex, and recognizable for its dried fruit character, woodiness, and enriching spices. A must-try for rum enthusiasts looking for a sophisticated and flavorful experience.

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