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St James Distillery Vieux 12 Year Old

St James Distillery Vieux 12 Year Old

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The 12 Years Rhum Vieux Agricole Saint James is one of the most beloved from the Martinique distillery Saint James.
Indeed, this private reserve is obtained by maturing in wood for 12 years in selected barrels, which makes this distillate rich and complex.
Its pleasant mahogany color invites you to approach the nose, appreciate its woody and spicy aromas and surprise the palate with aromas of roasted coffee, nutmeg, with a warm and intense note of cinnamon in the aftertaste.

Tasting Notes:
The 12 year-old presents full, well-rounded woody notes related to the time the rum spends in contact with the oak of the selected casks.
Palate: Undergrowth and roasted notes (coffee, toast) are accompanied by more pronounced spices like nutmeg.

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