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Sharish Laurinius Premium Aged Gin

Sharish Laurinius Premium Aged Gin

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Sharish Laurinius Premium Aged Gin is a one-of-a-kind Portuguese gin that is aged for an entire year in wine brandy barrels from Lourinh. This region is one of only three in the world specifically designated for producing wine brandy, thus the gin's lengthy aging procedure is a true rarity.

Sharish Laurinius is an elevated reimagining of the original Sharish Gin, with several key alterations that improve its personality and taste. The main change is that the apple bravo Esmolfe has been swapped out for the more flavorful Pera-rocha do Oeste. The Loureiro leaf, another botanical ingredient, further refines the flavor. This leaf pays homage to the Lourinh wine brandies, which are distilled with great care, and links the gin to the region's storied spirit history.

After spending 12 months in 650-liter barrels that were once used to age Lourinh brandy, Sharish Laurinius Premium Aged Gin is ready for consumption. This unique aging method gives the gin a somewhat straw hue, setting it apart from its competitors in terms of aesthetics. More importantly, it imparts a smoothness and complexity to the gin that can hold its own against the flavors of high-end whiskeys and brandies.

Details about this Gin:

Region: Portugal - Alentejo

Made by: Sharish Gin Distillery

Botanicals: Juniper, Rocha Pear, Loureira Leaf

Gin style: Spicy

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 500ml


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