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Santa Teresa Ron Anejo Gran Reserva Rum

Santa Teresa Ron Anejo Gran Reserva Rum

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Santa Teresa Ron Anejo Gran Reserva is a dry Venezuelan rum. It can be enjoyed on the rocks or with your favourite mixer. 

Rum of a brilliant golden amber hue. Fruity scent with hints of sugar cane, butter, and spicy undertones. Fruity taste, lean body, and smoky overtones that bring a breath of fresh air and a hint of warmth from the wood.

Completely made in Venezuela's Santa Teresa Hacienda, this aged rum is a blend of light and heavy rums that spends up to four years resting in American white oak barrels and casks. There's a warm burst of oaky sweetness and honey that follows the initial flavors of molasses, demerara sugar, and oak.

This youthful, smooth rum goes great with fizzy drinks like cola, limeade, or orange juice.

Details about the rum:    

Region: Venezuela - Aragua

Produced by: Santa Teresa Hacienda

Rum type: Gold

Alcohol: 40%

Size: 700ml

Allergens: Contains sulphites

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