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Rooster Rojo Anejo 700ml

Rooster Rojo Anejo 700ml

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With an aroma of oak, chocolate, tobacco and coffee, the Rooster Rojo Anejo displays caramel, oak, vanilla, and roasted agave on the palate. The finish is smooth with a long rich length.

Rooster Rojo Añejo is a premium tequila, aged for at least one year in used bourbon barrels using 100% blue agave to give it its pronounced richness and exceptional smoothness for those that know their tequila.

The name Añejo roughly translates to mean ‘aged’ or ‘vintage’ which means that tequila Añejo is a silver tequila that has been left to mature from between one to three years.

Variety: Tequila

Size mL: 700

ABV: 38%

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