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Ron Abuelo 15 Year Old Rum Tawny Cask Finish

Ron Abuelo 15 Year Old Rum Tawny Cask Finish

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Ron Abuelo 15 Year Old Rum Tawny Cask Finish is a premium Panama rum. This rum is aged in American oak barrels with a finish in casks originally used for Tawny Port wine, resulting in a perfect balance of dark and light flavors.

Made from the first distillation of the finest sugar cane molasses, this Ron Abuelo is aged for 15 years in small American white oak barrels using the Solera method, before receiving a final maturation in Tawny Port casks.

Dark amber hue. Citrus peel and smokey wood aromas combine to create a rich fragrance. Flavors of lemon and roasted almonds come through. It lingers on the palate with subtle aromas of vanilla, wood, and cinnamon for a long time.

The Varela Hermanos distillery, which produces Ron Abuelo, is a family-run business with a long and illustrious history and a wealth of industry experience.

Details about this rum:

Region: Panama 

Distillery: Ron Abuelo Panama - Varela Hermanos

Rum type: Dark Blended Rum

Made from: Molasses

Age: 15 years

Alcohol: 40%

Size: 700ml

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