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Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho White 2020

Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho White 2020

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Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho 2020 is a racy Portuguese white wine, from the Vinho Verde region, it has a consistent long finish. Vibrant perfume on the nose, high acidity balanced with a mineral finish, with discernible flavours of pear, kiwi and freshly squeezed lime.

As usual for Vinho Verde wines, this robust and vibrant wine has a greenish straw hue. This wine gets its citrus colouring from the Alvarinho grape, one of the region's most prized types.

Aromatically, it's a refreshing blend of flowery and fruity tones with a hint of honey. Floral and citrus aromas are very strong. The mineral aftertaste and clear, acidic flavor are harmonious.

Details about the wine:          

Region: Portugal - Minho / Vinho Verde

Winery: Quinta de Gomariz

Grape: Alvarinho

Body: Light

Sweetness: Dry

Acidity: Acidic

Alcohol: 12%

Size: 750ml

Winemaker: António Sousa

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

Allergens: Contains sulfites

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