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Pucara Pisco Quebranta 700ml

Pucara Pisco Quebranta 700ml

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Pucara Pisco Quebranta embodies Peru's soul by fusing the country's ancient traditions with a dash of contemporary refinement. This spirit is rich and complex since it is made from the best Quebranta grapes, which are considered the backbone of Pisco grapes.

This Pisco's scent is a symphony of tobacco, mango, and pecan; it's sweet at first, and the flavor lingers long after you swallow. Its strong body and distinct character make it a popular component in many other cocktails, including the Pisco Sour and the Chicano.

The "Torito de Pucara," or Pucara bull, is an Andean symbol of national solidarity and wealth and a source of great pride in Peru. The goal of Pucara Pisco Quebranta is not just to sell drinks, but also to educate people about the history of this revered Peruvian spirit.

This is a premium Pisco made by the hardworking people of Ica, Peru, according to a recipe that has been passed down for 160 years. You can expect a pleasant whirlwind as you drink, one that will free your speech and sharpen your perceptions.


Details about this Pisco:

Producer: Pucara Pisco 

Grapes: Quebranta grapes

Origin: Ica, Perú

Tasting Notes: Tobacco, mango, pecan with a sweet onset and prolonged finish.

Serving Suggestions: Ideal for Pisco Sour, Chicano, and diverse cocktails.

Legacy: Crafted using a 160-year-old recipe.

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