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Porto Cruz Ruby Port

Porto Cruz Ruby Port

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Porto Cruz Ruby Port from Porto, Portugal is a delicious Portuguese port, it has a fruity aroma, with a mild sweetness which is refreshing and not heavy on the palate. 

Red grapes are fermented with minimal maceration and oak barrels are used to provide fruity aromas and an oxidative evolution that leaves the wine robust and well-balanced on the palate.

While resting in oak barrels, its finest qualities emerge. The juicy and sweet flavor of this outstanding wine comes from the finest red grapes available.

Deep tawny shade with hints of crimson: the initial taste is that of a strawberry and raspberry compote that's both fresh and abundant. The sweetness and tartness are both in check, making for a clean and refreshing aftertaste.

Details about this Port:

Region: Portugal - Porto

Winemaker: Martins Alves

Grape: Red Douro Valley Grapes

Type: Red Tawny Port

Body: Strong

Sweetness: Sweet

Acidity: Medium

Alcohol: 19%

Size: 750ml

Serving temperature: Best served at 15°C

Allergens: Contains sulphites 

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