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Porto Cruz Late Bottle Vintage 2003

Porto Cruz Late Bottle Vintage 2003

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Porto Cruz LBV 2003 is a late bottled vintage of Port from Portugal. This aged port has the color of a rich garnet and the aroma of rhubarb, plum, sweet spice, and pepper.

What sets this port apart is the fact that it is not blended and instead is permitted to mature undisturbed for four to six years. The resulting unmixed port is of exceptional quality, creamy and sweet, coating the palate.

The robust Port reveals an incredible fruitiness on the tongue, not in the least because of its lingering sweetness. This bold red wine reveals itself on the palate with force and complexity. The fruit acidity is surprisingly low, contributing to the wine's silky smoothness.

It has a rich, velvety texture and tastes of ripe red fruits. Despite being less tannic and full-bodied than the other vintages from the same year, it maintains the same level of harmony and refinement.

Details about this Port:

Region: Portugal - Porto

Winemaker: Martins Alves

Grape: Red Douro Valley Grapes

Type: Aged Tawny Port

Body: Medium

Sweetness: Medium

Acidity: Low

Alcohol: 19%

Size: 750ml

Serving temperature: Best served at 15 to 17°C

Allergens: Contains sulphites 

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