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Pisco Mistral Pisco Reservado 750ml

Pisco Mistral Pisco Reservado 750ml

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Chilean Pisco is a distillate mainly of grapes from the Moscatel family, which are grown primarily in the semi-arid "little North" zone of Chile. Chile claims Pisco as its own, protecting its quality through strict adherence to regulations which permit production and processing only in the administrative regions of Coquimbo and Atacama.

This reservado is aged in American oak barrels giving the product an amber color and a soft wood flavour and aroma. The main grape varieties used are Pedro Ximénez and Muscat of Alexandria. Expect delicate notes of vanilla and chocolate. Enjoy on the rocks, with lemon or fruit juice or in your favourite cocktail. 40%Alc/Vol

In the heart of Chile’s sun-soaked Elqui Valley lies Pisco Elqui, a village of imposing landscapes, serpentine streets and creole architecture. It was here where pisco was first distilled in Chile at the turn of the 17th century and where the present day Mistral distillery is located, in a revamped century-old country house where the finest pisco varietals of the world are painstakingly produced.

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