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Pisco Campanario Mango 700ml

Pisco Campanario Mango 700ml

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Pisco Campanario Mango 700ml introduces a delightful twist to the traditional Pisco Sour, offering a taste of the tropics with the infusion of natural mango juice. This exotic expression brings a burst of sunny flavors to the world of Pisco. Unlike the classic Pisco, this vibrant concoction stands at a modest 12% ABV, making it feel more like a pre-mixed cocktail than a traditional spirit.

With the essence of sweet, juicy mangoes, Pisco Campanario Mango offers a refreshing and approachable experience that appeals to both Pisco enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The tropical allure of mango adds a luscious dimension to the spirit, resulting in a drink that can be sipped on its own or incorporated into various cocktail creations. It's a perfect choice for those who seek a taste of the exotic without the fuss of mixing intricate cocktails, providing an easy and convenient way to enjoy a tropical escape in a glass.

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