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Pisco Barsol Mosta Verde Italia 700ml

Pisco Barsol Mosta Verde Italia 700ml

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Join Mosto Verde Italia on a tour of the vineyards in Peru. Made with care and an unquenchable love for Pisco, this drink evokes the spirit of Peru's winemaking heritage while providing a taste of its own.

This Pisco is a tribute to the aromatic charm of the Italia grape, which has its origins in France but is now grown and harvested in Peru. Its enticing blend of flowery and fruity fragrances is partly responsible for its widespread acclaim in Peru. The Mosto Verde Italia's superior quality stems from its painstakingly crafted design. In order to create Mosto Verde, grape juice is only partially fermented, in contrast to the entire fermentation required for traditional Piscos. This not only calls for twice as many grapes but also keeps some of the grapes' natural sugars intact, which results in a delightfully sweet drink. 

Details about this Pisco:

Volume: 700ML
Variety: Mosto Verde Italia
Grape: Uva Italia
Tasting Profile: tropical fruits, citrus, and pears.

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