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Pisco Barsol Acholado 700ml

Pisco Barsol Acholado 700ml

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In Peru, the term "Acholado" designates a distinct type of pisco, produced by combining a minimum of two grape varieties—a harmonious blend that unites diverse grapes, grape must, or distilled pisco. BARSOL Acholado stands as an embodiment of this tradition, meticulously crafted from a trio of grape types: Quebranta, Italia, and Torontel.

BARSOL Acholado emerges as an exquisite, zesty pisco. Its bouquet is characterized by delicacy and florality, with underlying hints of grapes and dried fruits. When savored, this pisco unveils a full-bodied character that leads to a lingering, drawn-out finish.

In the realm of Peruvian libations, Pisco Acholado is cherished both neat and as a cornerstone in crafting the finest Pisco concoctions. Thanks to its diverse grape composition, Pisco Acholado often boasts a heightened complexity compared to "Pisco Puro," which is derived from a single grape variety. 

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