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Pisco Alto del Carmen Reservado Transparente 750ml

Pisco Alto del Carmen Reservado Transparente 750ml

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Nestled in the picturesque Elqui Valley, just outside the charming town of Vicuña, Alto del Carmen emerges as a testament to Chile's rich tradition of producing exceptional Pisco. This particular rendition of the spirit is a remarkable creation, handcrafted from muscat grapes meticulously harvested by skilled hands. The journey to perfection continues with distillation in copper pot stills, capturing the essence of the fruit in every drop.

Alto del Carmen is produced just outside of Vicuna in the beautiful Elqui Valley. This example is made from hand harvested muscat grapes, distilled in copper pot stills and classified by Chile as a "reservado". A three time cold-filtering creates a clear spirit - hence the title 'Transparente', as opposed to its gold coloured sibling. Expect an easy-drinking, lightly fruity Pisco that's endlessly mixable. 40% Alc./Vol.

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