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Penasol Sangria 1L

Penasol Sangria 1L

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Every bottle of Peñasol Sangria tells a story of the love, hard work, and soul of Spain that has been bottled and sold by the Felix Sols family since 1952. 500 acres of vineyards bathe in the splendour of the sun and carry the soul of the Valle de las Peas, all while being nestled in the heart of Castilla-La Mancha.

This delicious Sangria is a product of both the land and the history of the Sols family. They have, over the years, stitched the tapestry of Spain's winemaking tradition together with a dedication to quality and a flair for creativity.

Peñasol Sangria is a reflection of the skill of the winemakers against a backdrop of wineries storing more than 25,000 barrels, most of which are made of American oak. Red wine is only part of what gives it its flavor; natural fruit extracts and a dash of cinnamon round it out nicely. Upon swallowing, it dances on the tongue, leaving behind a sweet, pleasant aftertaste that calls to mind moonlit evenings and warm afternoons.

Details about this Sangria:

Winery: Felix Solís
Region: Castilla-La Mancha
Grape Variety: Selection of red grapes
Alcohol Content: 7%
Volume: 1L
Taste Profile: Bright cherry red with an intense aroma of citrus and ripe red fruits, offering a friendly, sweet, and pleasant palate.

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