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Gran Patrón Burdeos

Gran Patrón Burdeos

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Gran Patrón Burdeos, a tequila that expertly blends history and innovation, originates in the sun-kissed plains of Jalisco. It is handcrafted in small amounts using only the highest quality 100% Weber Blue Agave, which grows in abundance in the mountains of Jalisco, the country's blue agave capital. This tequila, which is double-distilled and matured in both used and new French oak barrels, is a tribute to the skill of its creators.

The final step of aging in used Bordeaux wine barrels is what really makes Gran Patrón Burdeos distinct. The tequila's distinctive dark amber color and flavor are both the result of this special maturing technique. The Bordeaux influence is immediately apparent in the velvety vanilla notes and the rich raisin flavors that permeate every sip.

There's a pleasant scent that combines wood and vanilla with hints of dried fruit like cherries and apricots. Rich flavors of black stone fruits emerge on the palate, supported by undertones of toasted wood, caramel, and baking spices. The finish is long and enticing, sweet and delicately dry, making every sip a delight.

Details about this tequila:

Origin: Atotonilco, El Alto, Jalisco
Distillery: Patrón Spirits Mexico
Agave: 100% Weber Blue Agave
Aging: Used American and new French oak barrels, finished in Bordeaux wine barrels.
Profile: Dark amber color with a velvety smooth palate, hints of vanilla, and raisins.

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