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Palácio da Brejoeira Alvarinho White 2020

Palácio da Brejoeira Alvarinho White 2020

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Palacio da Brejoeira Alvarinho is a Vinho Verde wine from the Minho region. You can't talk about Alvarinho wines without mentioning Palácio da Brejoeira. It is the winery with the longest history and tradition of making wines from this grape, and its wines very certainly contributed to the rise to prominence and renown of Alvarinho white wine. 

This Portuguese white wine is a true masterpiece, apricot and stone fruit on the nose with a soft and delicate carry, medium-high acidity which is rounded off towards the end. Vibrant, young and simply beautiful.

The finish on this white wine is exceptionally lengthy and lingering, and the flavor is nuanced with well-ripened, harmonious fruit. Grapes of the Alvarinho variety grown in clay-limestone soils produce wines that are both distinctive and bold in character.

Details about the wine:

Region: Portugal - Vinho Verde

Winery: Palácio da Brejoeira

Grape varieties: Alvarinho

Body: Light

Sweetness: Very dry

Acidity: Acidic

Volume: 13%

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Serving temperature: 7-14°C

Winemaker: João Garrido

Allergens: Contains sulphites

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