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Osborne Solera Veterano Reserva Brandy

Osborne Solera Veterano Reserva Brandy

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Famous in Spain, Osborne Solera Veterano Brandy is a blend of fruit and wood tastes that is presented in a refined, aged profile. The Solera technique, a traditional aging process, gives this brandy its distinctive richness of character and depth of flavor.

The initial contact with Osborne Solera Veterano Brandy is an aromatic one, full of tantalizing possibilities. Sweet and fruity flavors like peach, caramel, and cherry are front and center. These alluring aromas combine with the brandy's oaky scent to provide a hint of the brandy's maturing process and an earthy undertone to the brandy's overall aroma.

The natural sweetness of the peach and plum is emphasized by the rich, decadent notes of caramel, making a notable impact on the palate. The brandy's rich, deep undertones of wood are beautifully balanced by the sweetness and fruitiness of this taste combination.

Each sip reveals a new layer of complexity thanks to the dance between the fruit and the oak. The lengthy maturing process yields tasty and gratifying brandy with a depth of character.

Details about this brandy:

Region: Spain, Jerez de la Frontera

Grape: Mixed

Alcohol: 40%

Size: 700ml

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