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NUSTA Mosto Verde 3 Year Old CARAFE by Machu

NUSTA Mosto Verde 3 Year Old CARAFE by Machu

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Macchu Pisco was founded in 2006 by Melanie Asher and her sister Lizzie. Embracing tradition, Macchu Pisco is treasured by mixologists and connoisseurs around the world.usta is an incredibly rare premium luxury spirit. usta which translates to "Inca Princess" in the ancient Quechua language, is part of the Macchu Pisco line.

Named after the Incan princesses, whose beauty was unparalleled, this rare, authentic pisco is handcrafted in the heart of Peru. Initially, only 100 bottles were released of this premium pisco. Pisco is a 'mosto verde handcrafted from Italia grapes. The luxury Pisco is bottled in a highly distinctive, hand-crafted, ceramic vial. Each bottle is the result of a meticulously cultivated lot of the finest Italia grapes, which are compacted using a gravity-press system. Each bottle requires an incredible 30 pounds to create.

Made in extremely limited quantities this 'mosto verde' pisco has ethereal aromatics and flavors evocative of orange blossoms, fresh lemongrass, pear, melon and tropical fruits. The palate is luxuriously smooth and well rounded with a long, warm and persistent finish. Aged for 3 years, usta is one to be savored for the most discerning of Connoisseurs.

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