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Neisson Profil 107

Neisson Profil 107

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Following the success of profile 105, Neisson continues to surprise us with this superb profile 107.

The rum was first aged in 190-liter bourbon barrels for just over a year, before being transferred to ten 225-liter barrels with additional toasting.

Tasting notes

The nose reveals a very ripe, spicy cane juice. Cinnamon, tonka bean, pepper and nutmeg take center stage. These pretty spices are set on a mattress of soft wood, whose flesh seems to be filled with nuts such as almonds and peanuts.

With aeration, the wood becomes increasingly mellow, brimming with sweet spices. The vanilla is plump, the oak almost creamy, with a hint of milk chocolate. The cane gradually reclaims its rights, however, presenting itself as a concentrated juice, like a syrup infused with ripe lime.

The palate is just right, with a fine balance between the dry power of rhum agricole and the greediness of wood. The oak is intense, rolling off the palate and spreading its grain generously over the taste buds. Its flavors of nuts, coconut and vanilla coexist with a pure, vibrant cane juice. The whole is enhanced by a typically Martinique pepper.

The finish gives way to natural oak, a young wood that also offers mellow tannins.

"A beautiful delicacy, perfectly balanced by a haute couture cane brandy..."

In comparison, the Profil 105 's nose is a little drier, and more focused on the cane. The wood shows a more roasted side, but the balance is still there, just as with this Profil 105. What both rums have in common is a woody greediness on the palate, which the 105 maintains a little longer on the finish.

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