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Mezcal Vago Arroqueno (Master Distiller Jarquin)

Mezcal Vago Arroqueno (Master Distiller Jarquin)

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Vago Arroqueno en Barro is made in extremely small batches by Tio Rey in Sola de Vega. Tio Rey uses the traditional method of hand-mashing the cooked maguey Arroqueno (agave Americana). He then ferments the agave in a century-old fermentation vat that was carved from the heart of a single tree by his grandfather. Typical to Sola de Vega, Tio Rey distills this mezcal in small clay pots.

Brand: Vago Mezcal
Mezcalero: Salomon "Tio Rey" Rodriguez
Maguey: Arroqueño
Agave: Americana
Grind: Hand
Distillation: Clay Pot
Style: Joven
State: Oaxaca
Town: Sola de Vega
ABV: 52%

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