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Mezcal Amaras Logia Cenizo

Mezcal Amaras Logia Cenizo

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Amarás Logia Cenizo keeps a balance between smoky and citric aromas on the nose, to bold and intense hints of roasted coffee beans.

  • It is milled with an ax.
  • Handcrafted with a 14-year-old wild agave scientifically known as a A. durangensis.
  • It is crafted using a particular artisanal recipe that starts with the use of local mesquite and huisache wood when cooked.
  • It is then naturally fermented in rectangular vats buried at ground level to maintain a stable temperature because of the extreme climate in Durango.
  • Its fermentation is 100% natural, in rectangular vats at ground level, maintaining a stable temperature.

43% Alc. Vol.

700 ml

On the nose: A refined hint of citrus fruits combined with earthy and smoky notes.
On the palate: A bold and intense - roasted coffee bean flavor.
Finish: A touch wooden zest with a trace of sweet raisins.

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