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Macchu Pisco

Macchu Pisco

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This brand comes from the Ica Valley of Peru (considered a heartland of Pisco by some) and is made from a single variety – the non aromatic quebranta grape.This is unusual as many Pisco’s use a blend of varieties (in much the same way Cognac producers use different varieties. Like a few Cognac houses, Macchu Pisco produces a single variety product to highlight a particular variety and it’ s singular attributes. The Quebranta grape is one of the more heavy duty varieties of Pisco grape – a sort of Basso Profundo as it were.

This particular company is a family affair that has a number of unusual aspects that are worth noting. The grapes are pressed by foot, not by a large hydraulic press to extract every last possible drop. As such, it requires about 16 lbs of grapes per bottle as the yield from this low pressure type of pressing is of course less.

They also throw away the seeds and stems that many pisco and other grape brandy producers use in their products and only use the first pressing. Think of extra virgin olive oil pressing instead of the cheap stuff in gallon tins as an analogy.

Distilled in a small copper pot still similar to a cognac or armagnac still the spirit is taken off at 80 proof and not diluted .Probably the only spirit in the world that does this. Most other spirits are distilled to higher proofs (120-190 proof depending on the spirit) then diluted to desired proof.

The Pisco is then rested for a period running from three months to one year before bottling.

Appearance: Perfect clarity, bright. Light coating on the glass when you swirl it, scalloped edges, then long legs, then finally droplets forming.

First Impression: Very wine grape smelling, hint of grapefruits, berries, savory notes on nosing.

Taste: Nice oily entry with slight bite when drinking straight (as opposed to throat clutching, coughing etc., with the cheaper stuff). Nicely weighted body to it, with a slightly buttery mouth feel, nice tingle on the tongue. Savory, lime salt, brine, oily, grassy, some oak, pepper, lingering notes of tobacco (?). Some almost dry but creamy almond paste notes (think almond paste/marzipan without all the sugar). A bit similar to a grape version of a really good highland tequila in terms of the savory and mineral components. With a slightly buttery nut type of finish.

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