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Listo Tommy Margarita Mix 360ml

Listo Tommy Margarita Mix 360ml

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Listo is your guide to the world of perfect margaritas. This premium mix is your ticket to a luxurious cocktail experience, embodying the spirit of Tommy's Margarita in every sip. In each bottle, you can taste the rich tradition of Mexican sweetness blended with the fresh vitality of Australian citrus.

Listo's carefully prepared recipe combines the freshness of limes from the Central Coast of New South Wales with the natural sweetness of agave nectar from Mexico and finishes it off with pure water. With each sip, you can expect a symphony of flavors that honors your commitment to quality and originality.

This Margarita mix guarantees a fantastic cocktail experience whenever you need it, perfect for the modern aficionado. Each bottle is artfully crafted to provide enough ingredients for eight perfectly blended margaritas.

Details about this Margarita Mix:

Brand: Listo

Packaging: 12 x 360ml

Main Ingredients: NSW Central Coast lime juice, Organic Mexican agave nectar, Purified water

Taste: Vibrant lime fused with natural sweetness of agave

Usability: Mix in equal parts with tequila for optimal results

Servings: 8 margaritas per bottle

Recommendation: Shake well before use; best when combined with premium tequila.

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