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Las Pizarras Volcán 2020

Las Pizarras Volcán 2020

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Las Pizarras Volcán 2020 takes drinkers on a tour of the volcanic rift between the towns of Acred and Alarba, revealing the ripe, fruit-driven nuances of Garnacha along the way. This wine, which takes its name from the landscape that gives it its distinctive flavor, transports you to a place where the full, powerful bounty of the earth is captured in exquisite bottle after bottle.

The sweetness of this Spanish red wine envelops your tongue and palate, creating an enchanting and enticing taste experience. Las Pizarras Volcán 2020 successfully combines ferocity and a stunning levity, making it both enjoyable and approachable.

This Spanish red has remarkable adaptability, working equally well with the subtle aromas of veal and pasta as it does with the bold, hearty notes of lamb, game, and birds. It promises to turn meals into moments and gatherings into memories while keeping a lovely accessibility that enables all to join in its delights thanks to its smooth texture, superb freshness, and easy-drinking nature.

Details about this red wine:

Winery: Las Pizarras
Region: Calatayud
Grape Variety: 100% Grenache
Tasting Notes: Bright ruby color with cherry touches, intense aroma of red fruits, slight background of purple plums and blackberries, and a sweet, pleasant mouthfeel.
Best Served: 16-17ºC
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol Content: 13%
Pairing Suggestions: Veal, pasta, lamb, game (deer), and birds.
Bottle Size: 750 ml

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