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Lalomba Rosado 2020

Lalomba Rosado 2020

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Lalomba Rosado 2020 invites wine lovers on a journey through the gentle slopes where Garnacha vines thrive, promising an experience in which the environment shapes the wine's character. The limestone-rich soils and cooling breezes help this Spanish rose wine develop extraordinary clarity and depth of flavour.

The austere and profound nature of the wine is accentuated by the stony soils of the terroir, which also provide a subtle minerality to each and every sip.

Each note of Lalomba Rosado is a careful balancing act between intricate detail and assertive character. The wine flows over the tongue, lulling the taste buds with a bouquet of juicy blush pear fruit and the savory overtones of bay leaves. This rose wine is bone dry yet bursting with depth of flavor and a finish that lingers, gently caressing the palate with its delicate layers. 

Details about this rose wine:

Winery: Lalomba (Ramón Bilbao)
Region: La Rioja Baja
Grape Variety: Garnacha
Tasting Notes: Juicy blush pear fruit, savory bay leaves, bright acidity, and distinct minerality
Pairing Suggestions: Ideal with light salads, white meats, and soft cheeses
Serving Temperature: 8-10°C

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