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La Despensa Canalillos 240g

La Despensa Canalillos 240g

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Each of the chocolate cigars in this 240g box strikes a perfect balance between sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy, smooth and crunchy.

These Spanish chocolate cigars are a delicious example of the authentic cuisine that can be found in the lively district of Sevilla, Spain. Each chocolate cigar is a work of art, made with love and precision to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each cigar has a thin, crunchy wafer covering a center of smooth caramel. This center is then covered in chocolate, making for a sweet treat that is both crispy, creamy, and smooth.

La Despensa Canalillos are a delicious surprise for your taste buds since they have an artful medley of flavors. The caramel and chocolate combine to create a smooth, rich flavor, while the wafer provides a satisfying crunch. This combination of tastes and textures makes for a tasty treat that is both novel and enjoyable.

The distinctive flavor of these sweets makes it a wonderful treat any time of year, but it is especially fitting for the holiday season.

Details about these Chocolate Cigars:

Region: Spain, Sevilla

Made by: La Despensa de Palacio

Size: 240g  (18 x 13g)

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