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J.M Distillery Dame Jeanne (Blend Vintages)

J.M Distillery Dame Jeanne (Blend Vintages)

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Located in the north of Martinique , on the slopes of Mount Pelée, Habitation Bellevue benefits from a humid tropical climate and particularly fertile volcanic soils conducive to the cultivation of exceptional sugar cane. In 1914, Gustave Crassous de Médeuil bought Rhumerie JM from the family of Jean-Marie Martin. Since then, the Crassous de Médeuil heirs have conscientiously overseen the production of Rhum JM

Cultivated and selected with care, the sugar cane is crushed in mills less than an hour after cutting, this specificity makes it possible to guarantee the obtaining of a particularly fresh cane juice rich in aromas. JM is one of the few distilleries in Martinique to use spring water for the production of its rums. Coming from Mount Pelée, this pure water rich in minerals contributes to the quality of JM Rums Historically, the distillation of agricultural rums is carried out in two traditional copper columns , of the Creole type.

The barrels are carefully selected and previously burned before use. Each year, the cellar master proceeds to a meticulous topping up of the barrels with Rums of the same age in order to preserve the typical character of each vintage.

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