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J.M Distillery Ambre

J.M Distillery Ambre

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  • Aged rhum agricole produced by Rhum J.M in Macouba, Martinique
  • AOC Martinique Rhum élevé sous bois (aged in oak for a minimum of 12 months)
  • Distilled from sugarcane juice; sugarcane is grown on the J.M estate and surrounding farms located near the distillery
  • Sugarcane is crushed within one hour of harvest and open fermented with French baker’s yeast for 24 hours
  • Distilled on a Creole copper column still
  • Aged on-site at the Fonds-Préville distillery for 1 year in new toasted American oak and re-charred ex-bourbon barrels
  • Proofed with spring water sourced from Mt. Pelée
  • Aromas of raw sugarcane are softened by warm gingerbread and anise; fresh plantain and maduros oscillate on the palate with a spike of oak leading to hazelnuts and citrus oil on the finish
  • No added sugar or coloring
  • 50% ABV

Often described as the reposado of the rhum world, this flaxen spirit demonstrates a brilliant preservation of terroir while incorporating a kiss of barrel dimension for further sipping and mixing complexity.

Producer: Rhum JM
Country: Martinique
Region: Montagne Pelee
Spirit Type: Rum
Spirit Sub Type: Agricole

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