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J.M Distillery 2011 Bourbon Cask Finish

J.M Distillery 2011 Bourbon Cask Finish

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Here is the 2011 vintage of Maison JM, which arises, every year, so much awaiting.
Fine, elegant, of a beautiful complexity, it has everything to seduce us! Aged for 10 years in Bourbon cask like all the vintages of Maison JM, it presents a unique aromatic profile. 

The birth of JM rums begins in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation where one finds one of the most beautiful distillery with the residence Fonds-Préville, in Macouba (Martinique). The first distillations took place in 1845 at the initiative of Jean-Marie Martin, who therefore affixed his initials “JM” to his rums, so they are born. In the years 1912, the distillery passes in the hands of Ernest Crassous de Médeuil and his brother Gustave, then in charge of its management and owner of the house Bellevue. After a lot of improvement work, the 2 houses will merge and become Habitation Fonds-Préville. Today, the Bernard Hayot Group is the majority shareholder of SCA Héritiers Crassous de Médeuil.

The sugar canes are grown on the field of Fonds-Préville (225ha) to ensure optimal quality of the raw material on a very special terroir: the flanks of Mount Pelee. The fermented juices are distilled in two columns of traditional Creole brass up to 72 ° (no more) to preserve the aromatic authenticity of their sugar cane in their rums and the distillery is fed by the spring waters of Mount Pelee.

Tasting notes

Color: A beautiful amber dress.

Nose: First under the charm of delicate notes of fruit in the brandy, we succumb to the combined alliance of vanilla, cocoa and mocha.

Mouth: We are seduced by roasted coffee flavors, complemented by gourmet notes of toast on a woody background. At the end, you can detect a thin tip of tobacco.

Final: A finish that reinforces roasted, woody and jammy notes.

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