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Hacienda López de Haro Gran Reserva Blanco 2012

Hacienda López de Haro Gran Reserva Blanco 2012

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White wines from Rioja are known for their finesse and sophistication, and the 2012 Hacienda López de Haro Gran Reserva Blanco is a shining example of this. It has been awarded a remarkable 92 points by British critic Tim Atkin for its ability to lure the senses with frosted, floral aromas and sweet spices, before unveiling an unctuous, sweet and saline mid-palate.

This exceptional Spanish wine is a product of a complex weaving of Viura, Malvasa, and White Garnacha grape tastes and aromas. Sun-kissed vineyards and careful aging are suggested by the color's golden yellow tone and its subtle green undertones. The aromas are complex, revealing notes of hay, cream, and vanilla alongside ripe and candied fruit. The combination of these components, together with the subtle undercurrent of anise, makes for an inviting and robust aroma.

In the mouth, the Hacienda López de Haro Gran Reserva Blanco displays its regal structure: an extravagant oiliness that is superbly balanced by an underlying fresh acidity that leads to a satisfying finish. As the wine comes to a close, a woodsy note emerges and lingers, evoking the wine's fine age.

Details about this Spanish White Wine

Grapes: Viura, Malvasía, White Garnacha
D.O.C: Rioja
Region: Spain / La Rioja
Winery: Hacienda López de Haro
Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Optimal Serving Temperature: 9°C

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