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Hacienda López de Haro Blanco 2019

Hacienda López de Haro Blanco 2019

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Made mostly from Viura Riojana grapes and supplemented by a minor number of other local varietals, the Blanco 2019 from Hacienda López de Haro draws the drinker into a nuanced embrace of heritage and precise winemaking. This white wine's complex personality stems from the Viura's beautiful intertwining with these other varieties from the vineyard. Two months of aging in French oak has given the wine a deeper complexity that comes through in the glass.

Its enticing straw yellow color and fragrant bouquet of ripe fruit, dates, and banana are a visual and aromatic treat, while the age notes provide an intriguing layer of depth to the overall profile. This Spanish white wine has a story to tell of fleshy freshness on the palate, taking the drinker on a long, balanced journey that leaves a delightful aftertaste. One can sense a delicate equilibrium in the flavors, and one can tell that great care was used in making it.

To maintain the wine's individuality, the winemaking process is measured and careful, beginning with a 24-hour maceration and continuing with careful pressing and controlled fermentation in small tanks. Hacienda López de Haro Blanco 2019 is a wine that symbolizes the legacy and terrain of the Rioja Alta region, and it has spent two months aging in French oak barrels to provide a taste that is at once invigorating, nuanced, and reminiscent of the Spanish countryside.

Details about this Spanish white wine:

Winery: Hacienda López de Haro
Region: Rioja Alta
Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
Color: Straw yellow
Nose: Ripe fruit, dates, banana, with aging notes
Palate: Fleshy, fresh, long, and balanced
Best Served: Between 7 and 10ºC 
Vinification: 24-hour maceration, gentle pressing, controlled fermentation in
small tanks
Aging: 2 months in French oak barrels

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