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Habitation St Etienne Single Cask

Habitation St Etienne Single Cask

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In Martinique, Habitation Saint-Étienne is key in Caribbean rum history. It's known for Rhum Agricole. This drink captures the island's land, history, and traditions. The distillery started in the late 1800s. It makes rum from fresh sugarcane juice, not molasses. This gives the rum a unique grassy and plant-like taste. Martinique's rich soil and climate add strong flavours to the sugarcane and the rum.

The distillery focuses on being sustainable and true to its roots. It uses old methods for making rum. The rum ages in oak barrels, getting complex flavours over time. These range from spicy in young rums to caramel and fruit in older ones.

What makes Habitation Saint-Étienne special is its AOC label. Like France's wine areas, this label means the rum meets high standards. It ensures top quality and realness.

Their rum has strong sugarcane tastes, hints of tropical fruit, and a bit of oak. Each type, whether it's white rum for cocktails or aged rum for sipping, tells its own story of Martinique.

Habitation Saint-Étienne shows commitment to traditional methods and excellence. It's a journey of history, nature, and skill in a glass. For those who want a unique rum experience, this is it.

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