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Germana Heritage Cachaca

Germana Heritage Cachaca

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Characterized its straw-covered bottle, Germana is one of the most famous cachacas in Brazil. The ‘straw’ is in fact dried banana leaves which prevent the cachaca being exposed to light and help maintain its quality. The Germana recipe stems from a family tradition that began with the family’s patriarch, Sergio Caetano. Since then, the secrets and cares of its distillation have been passed down from generation to generation.

Awarded VIP status on many of London’s finest back bars, Germana maintains a 90 year tradition and quality for cachaça aged in oak and balm casks after natural maize fermentation and the noble distillation in copper stills. Representing Germana’s heritage this magnificent cachaca is aged 10 years. 

Tasting Note: Expressions of vanilla, baked banana, smokiness which stands up to comparison with any molasses rum around!

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