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Germana 5 Year Old Cachaca Bourbon Barrel Finish

Germana 5 Year Old Cachaca Bourbon Barrel Finish

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Cachaça (“ka-shah-sa”) Germana was founded by Sergio Caetano in 1912 and is still produced and aged at the original farm. Produced from hand cut and pressed sugarcane juice which is naturally fermented and distilled in a copper pot still, heated by direct fire. The cachaça rests for at least one year in stainless steel tanks before it is aged for one year in 240 litre French oak casks and then for another year in 2000 litre Brazilian balsam wood casks. The covering of the bottle is made from dried banana leaf which is collected after the bananas have been harvested. Bottled at 43%. (Bottle size 1 litre)

Nose: Fruity hints of banana, harmonised by the two wood types.

Palate: Notes of sugar cane, dry corn, black pepper, banana, with a hint of freshly dug up potatoes, black pepper encased in notes of wood.

Finish: Long lasting and pleasant.

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