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Flor de Cana 12 Year Old Rum 700ml

Flor de Cana 12 Year Old Rum 700ml

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Flor de Caña 12 Year Old Rum is a masterpiece of flavor and craftsmanship from Nicaragua. It revels in a full-bodied sensation that envelops your senses with every sip.

Color: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing reddish amber hue, a visual testament to the richness within.

Aroma: Explore a symphony of scents, where notes of red fruits, honey, and toasted nuts harmoniously intermingle, enticing your olfactory journey.

Palate: Embark on a palate adventure as you encounter the harmonious dance of wood, vanilla, and baked apples. This intricate medley culminates in a remarkably smooth and impeccably balanced finish.

Aromas of red fruit, honey, and toasted nut are joined on the palate by oak, vanilla, and baked apples. Elevate your experience with a Rum Old Fashioned, allowing the complexities of the rum to shine. Alternatively, savor it with a splash of premium sparkling water or the zing of ginger ale, garnished with a twist of orange.

Sugar-Free, Gluten Free & Kosher: Delight in the reassurance of a beverage crafted with care, ensuring it aligns with your dietary preferences. Flor de Caña 12 Year Old Rum is a testament to exceptional quality that caters to your discerning tastes.

Details about this rum:

Region: Nicaragua

Distillery: Ron Flor de Cana

Aging: 12 years

Type of grape: Molasses

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 700ml

No Added Sugar or Flavourings 

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