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Finest Call Margarita Mix 1000ml

Finest Call Margarita Mix 1000ml

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Finest Call Margarita Mix is a premium cocktail mixer that expertly captures the lively essence of a traditional Margarita. It captures the flavor of real Mexican limes and adds the brightness of fresh lemon juice. This blend provides the foundation for a zesty flavor that, when combined with the mild sweetness of agave nectar, creates an incomparable taste.

However, the use of fragrant orange essential oils sets this blend apart. Your Margarita will be tasty and economical thanks to this tweak, which deepens the flavor without adding any extra triple sec. Juice content is a healthy 8%, with premium ingredients like Key limes and sun-kissed California lemons used throughout.

Details about this Margarita Mix:

Region: Mexico

Distillery: Finest Call

Volume: 1000ml

Primary Ingredients: Lime juice, lemon juice, orange extract, agave nectar.

Juice Content: 8%

Taste: Perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

Special Feature: Orange essential oils added, reducing need for triple sec.

Recommended Use: Blend, shake, or pour over ice with your favorite tequila.

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