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Er Boqueron Craft Valencia Beer 4.8% 33Oml 12 Pack

Er Boqueron Craft Valencia Beer 4.8% 33Oml 12 Pack

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Outstanding Er Boqueron is brewed in Spain using water straight from the Mediterranean in the city of Valencia, which gives the beer a special flavor and history. This unique component, combined with the gas-free, filter-free, and unpasteurized brewing method, produces a refreshing beer that sticks out from the crowd among craft brews. It goes well with tapas and fish as well as Spanish ham and charcuterie, but can also be enjoyed on its own for its clean, unadulterated taste.

This Spanish blonde ale is a tribute to traditional brewing methods that date back to 1516, and it is crafted by the forward-thinking Valencia-based La Socarrada. The water from the Mediterranean Sea is filtered multiple times to remove sediment and other impurities before it is used in the brewing process. The end result is a beer that tantalizes the senses with subtle hints of malt, biscuits, and fruit like peach and pear. A blast of crisp fruit, a touch of iodine and balsamic, and a sweet, peach-infused finish greet the palate.

Serve Er Boqueron with cold appetizers for a memorable meal. The subtle harmony of tastes in the beer is accentuated when served with anchovies, olives, potatoes, and semi-cured cheeses, making for a deliciously satisfying experience all around.

Details about this Spanish beer:

Brewer: La Socarrada

Type: Blonde Ale

Alcohol Content: 4.8%

Brewing Process: No added gas, filtration, or pasteurization

Pairing: Cold starters, anchovies with olives, potatoes, semi-cured cheeses

Origin: Valencia, Spain

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