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El Bandarra Vermut Rojo

El Bandarra Vermut Rojo

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Produced from the Xarel·lo and Macabeu grape varietals, which have strong roots in Spain's viticultural legacy, El Bandarra Vermut Rojo is a remarkable blend of history and current skill. The vermouth is a tribute to the long and illustrious legacy of winemaking in Spain.

The complex maceration procedure is the key to its fascinating flavor character. Fifty different herbal extracts are combined, with clove, cinnamon, and bitter orange serving as highlights, as a nod to a recipe developed in 1962 by the forefathers of the winery's current proprietors.

This vermouth takes your taste buds on a fantastic adventure. It has a smooth sweetness that is offset by a subtle sour undertone. A rest in oak barrels for two months adds depth of taste and undertones of caramel. This vermouth is a bottle-sized ode to the joy of Mediterranean living, best enjoyed with a slice of citrus and some olives or with a dash of soda.

Details about this Red Vermouth:

Brand: El Bandarra

Size: 1 Liter

Alcohol Volume: 15.0%

Vermouth Type: Red

Sweetness: Medium

Character: Herbal

Grape types: Xarel·lo and Macabeu

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