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El Artesano Almond Filled Wafers 100g

El Artesano Almond Filled Wafers 100g

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Each of the almond-shaped wafers from El Artesano is a hand-crafted Spanish pastry with a distinct flavor and texture combination. The crunchy wafer complements the creamy almond filling, which is sandwiched between the two layers.

The delicate crunchiness of the pastry is a perfect match to the rich, nutty flavor of the almond cream in every bite of these wafers. These pastries are a great complement to any dessert spread because of the interesting taste combinations and pleasant textures.

You can't go wrong with a cup of coffee or a shot of aguardiente and a box of El Artesano's almond-filled wafers. The sweet, nutty aromas of the wafers are elevated by the boldness of the coffee or the fiery spike of aguardiente, making for a sophisticated and pleasant tasting experience.

Details about these Almond Wafers:

Region: Spain 

Made by: El Artesano

Size: 100g

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