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Don Fulano Fuerte 100 Proof Tequila Blanco

Don Fulano Fuerte 100 Proof Tequila Blanco

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Estate-grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Don Fulano is distilled by fourth and fifth generation agave farmers and distillers Enrique Fonseca and Sergio Mendoza in the legendary Tequileña distillery No. 1146 in the heartland of the protected appellation: the town of Tequila.  

Don Fulano Blanco 100 Proof is the original Over-proof. One of a kind. Profoundly aromatic, full of spice and flavor and yet absolutely mellow with glimmers of jasmine and orange blossom. It brings a direct connection with the agave fields, with its terroir, its patient fermentation and its masterful distillation in copper alembics. Full bodied and generous in its complexity. One for the connoisseur and epicurean. Unaged, rested at least 90 days Stainless steel.

AGAVE TYPE: Tequilana Weber,
AGAVE REGION: Jalisco (Los Altos),
REGION: Jalisco (Los Valles),
COOKING: Autoclave (low pressure),
EXTRACTION: Screw Mill, Roller Mill,
WATER SOURCE: Deep well water,
FERMENTATION: 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks, Open-air fermentation, Fermentation without fibers, Fermentation with fibers, Proprietary yeast,
DISTILLATION: 2x distilled,
STILL: Copper Pot, Column,
ABV/PROOF: 50% abv
OTHER: No additives, Distilled at or near proof, Rested in stainless steel, High-proof

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