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Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 3 Pot Still 700ml

Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 3 Pot Still 700ml

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Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 3 is a full-bodied, complex spirit made using high quality sugar cane honey. Matured in ex-bourbon barrels, this limited-edition rum combines tropical fruit aromas with toffee and vanilla. The palate offers rich oak notes alongside dark chocolate and dried fruits, before a rich, lingering finish full of warm spices.

This rum was made solely in the Copper Pot Still that was brought to Diplomatico’s La Miel distillery in 1959. This discontinuous distillation system was originally used in Scotland to produce whisky. The Distillery Collection showcases the individual distillates behind some of Diplomatico’s world-renowned rums, highlighting the distinct personalities created by using different stills.

When you take a sniff, you'll detect a luxurious aroma of sweet caramel and leather entwined with the scents of raisins and dried mango. Hints of milk chocolate emerge, nestled beneath a delicate layer of honeyed fruits.

As it touches your taste buds, you'll notice a burst of light fruits – think bananas and mangoes – accompanied by a subtle touch of smokiness that paves the path for deeper flavors like raisins and honey-infused prunes.

As the experience concludes, your palate will be enveloped in a symphony of honey and vanilla, intertwined with the richness of prunes and dates. And just as a gentle reminder of its character, a hint of banana makes a brief appearance once again.

Details about this rum:

Region: Venezuela

Distillery: Destilerías Unidas, SA

Rum type: Dark Golden Rum

Alcohol: 47%

Volume: 700ml

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