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Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 2 Barbet 700ml

Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 2 Barbet 700ml

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The Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 2 Barbet is a premium Venezuelan rum blend crafted from the finest sugar cane molasses and aged in a combination of American and ex-Bourbon barrels.

The "N. 2 Barbet" expression of Diplomático Rum is a prestigiously powerful and rich rum with notes of luscious exotic fruits, noble leanings, sweet spices, and dried fruits. A close inspection reveals a brilliant golden hue.

There are elements of ripe tropical fruit, wood, spices, and delicate caramel notes in the scents that develop on the nose, which are nuanced and multilayered. It has a fresh and slightly sweet taste in the end and a well-structured, enveloping, generous mouthfeel.

This is a rum for rum enthusiasts, best enjoyed neat at night.

Details about this rum:

Region: Venezuela

Distillery: Destilerías Unidas, SA

Rum type: Molasses Rum

Alcohol: 47%

Volume: 700ml

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