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Cien Y Pico Knight's-Errant Garnacha Reserva

Cien Y Pico Knight's-Errant Garnacha Reserva

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The colour is red to purple with a browning rim edge. A bouquet of secondary bottle age: leather on well-kept old saddlery, polished old furniture, and some cigar box. And then hints of a once youthful aromaticity: rosemary, fennel, aniseed. The melding of fading aromas of fruit and developing bottle aged bouquet meets not just neatly, but lovingly, as if a grandfather sees a grandson for the first time. The understanding is natural. A decade in the bottle equates to an instantly rounded and dried fruit flavour profile. Then a clean clear line of fresh acidity steams through, reminding both the drinker and the wine that youth can never be entirely quashed. At one moment there are raisins and stewed quinces, the next red table grapes of Autumn and plums just fallen on a frosty morning. A red wine that invites you in and demands only one thing: time over luncheon.

Details about the wine:

Varietal: Garnacha Tintorera

Vintage: 2012

Country: Spain

Region: Manchuela

Pack Size: 750mL

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