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Cawsey's Margarita Mix Final 700ml

Cawsey's Margarita Mix Final 700ml

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Cawsey's offers the lively energy of a real Mexican Margarita to your living room. This mixer captures the spirit of this classic drink by combining the sourness of fresh limes, the saltiness of a rimmed glass, and the natural sweetness of premium tequila.

Visualize the atmosphere of a tranquil Mexican beach. Imagine basking in the sun, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves, and sipping a properly mixed Margarita. Cawsey's Cocktail Syrup Margarita Mix guarantees that pleasure with every serving. Designed for people who want the trademark flavor of a traditional Margarita without all the hassle, this premium cocktail mixer will make each drink taste like a short vacation.

Cawsey's has been Australia's go-to for non-alcoholic cocktails other than Margaritas since 1989. You won't need a ton of different components to make cocktails that have depth of taste and brilliant colors thanks to their well picked collection.

Details about the Cawsey's Margarita Mix:

Producer: Cawsey's
Type: Mixers
Size: 750ml
Primary Ingredients: Natural ingredients including select Australian produce
Taste: Balanced blend of lime tanginess, subtle saltiness, and tequila sweetness
Serving Recommendation: Over ice or blended for a frozen delight. Add tequila as desired.

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