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Botica Strawberry & Raspberry Gin

Botica Strawberry & Raspberry Gin

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The Strawberry & Raspberry Gin, made in the world-famous Botica distillery in Barcelona, is a vivid and seductive tribute to the region's rich, fruity past. This Botica gin guarantees a vivid and enjoyable experience with every sip thanks to the infusion of luscious strawberries and tart raspberries.

Carefully selected botanicals, like juniper and citrus, are expertly blended to provide an aroma that is at once invigorating and comfortingly familiar. Red berry richness is expertly balanced with a dry, powerful tongue and undertones of spice and lime in this gin. Its adaptability as either a standalone beverage or a vital ingredient in a cocktail is unrivaled.

The Botica Strawberry & Raspberry Gin is a refreshingly modern twist on an old family recipe. Each bottle pays homage to long-standing customs while satisfying contemporary preferences.

Details about this Spanish Gin:

Region: Barcelona

Type: Strawberry & Raspberry Gin

Botanicals: Juniper, Citrus, Strawberries, Raspberries

Distillery: Botica Ginserie


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